Visitor Schemes

The Marine Historic Protected areas at Duart Point* and HMS Dartmouth can be dived on a look do not disturb basis.

Diving on 350-year-old shipwrecks – you don’t have to be an archaeologist! Here’s how…

Underwater photograph of a diver (background) on the Dartmouth. A large iron anchor is visible in the foreground. Lochaline Dive Centre in association with the Nautical Archaeology Society supports visits to the sites. A downloadable site plan is available from our website which is designed to be laminated and taken underwater by divers. Lochaline Dive Centre has just recently adopted the Duart Point site and encourages divers to monitor changes on the site using the established datums on the seabed.

Visiting the sites

Both the Duart Point site and HMS Dartmouth are located in fairly shallow water (10-12 metres).

Underwater photograph of a diver on the Dartmouth site, the diver has her hand on the shaft of a large anchor.On the Duart site visitors will be able to follow the sitemap around the seabed and discover the labelled  cast iron cannon, anchors, and some ship’s structure.

The site plan can be printed via this link

Duart Point Site Visitor Trail (PDF 706kB)
and a short film of the underwater trail can be seen at this link.