Lochaline Hotel Beach

The sandy beach in front of the hotel shelves gradually off onto a steep wall. The shallow lagoon area makes a good training site for inexperienced divers.

The reef and proximity of the wall, with a drop off to in excess of 80m offer contrasting environments and consequently a diverse range of life all in one dive.

The initial dive is in about 1-2m depth over intertidal rockpools if the tide is in, or a careful walk if the tide is out. From there the sandy bed drops off to about 6-9m before dropping off on a sheer wall which drops down about 100m. Pick your depth, as far as recreational diving is concerned. Look out for little sea scorpions which hide in the rockpools in the shallow section, and in the sand section watch for tiny flatfish scattered all over the place. The wall is very impressive and seems to show similar life whatever depth you’re at, so in the name of long dives there seems to be no reason to go much below 20m. Keep an eye out for the lightbulb ascidians, and for crabs and squat lobsters fighting over choice jellyfish.

MCS Lancashire survey of marine life on the Lochaline hotel beach dive site