NAS on the Duart Point site….

The Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) was with us last week working on the Duart Point wreck (the Swan).

Last November the historic wrecks in the Sound of Mull – Duart Point, Dartmouth and John Preston – had their designation changed. Originally protected by the Historic Wrecks Act, the sites are now classed as Marine Historic Protected Areas. This opens the sites to allow divers to enjoy these historically and culturally important wrecks on a look-don’t-touch basis.

To promote these wrecks and their change of designation, the NAS along with Lochaline Dive Centre and esteemed marine archaeologist Dr. Colin Martin have been working on an underwater trail guide for divers to explore the wrecks, starting with the Duart Point site.

Screenshot 2014-09-01 12.00.28

Archaeologist studying one of the site’s iron cannons.

The guide will allow divers to clearly see how the wreck and it’s artefacts rest on the seabed, and how the wreck’s structure has changed over time.

It will also provide a way for Lochaline Dive Centre and the NAS to monitor the wreck over time, and map any further artefacts that are exposed.

The whole project is being funded by Historic Scotland, and Phil Robertson -senior inspector of marine archaeology – has been heavily involved in the project with us here at Lochaline Dive Centre.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the project, and when it’s finished the guide will only be available online at!

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