Spaces for 2016

We still have some spaces on trips on the following dates for individuals and small groups. Diving spaces are listed and we have the accommodation to match.

April 23rd 24th 2 spaces

May 20th -22nd 8 spaces

July 30th 31st 3 spaces

August 12th-15th 2 spaces







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Available dates 2016

We still have some dates available for 2016, and some trips with spaces on that you can join. Firstly the available dates which includes one of the boats and accommodation.

March 1st- 16th, April 1st-26th, May 1st-26th, June 1st -8th, June 13th-31st , July 1st -31st, August 1st -11th, August 14th-20th, September 17th-31st and  October.

For trips with spare spaces we have

April 7th 8th 9th 10th – 2 spaces,

April 23rd 24th 2 spaces,

May 22nd -26th ( 5 days) out of Uig on Skye with Alan and Sound Diver – we have 6 spaces.

August 12th -15th 4 days

If you are interested in any of these please drop me an email.




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Citizen Science in the Sound of Mull

Groups diving with us this summer can get involved in recording the life on some of our favourite dive sites. We want to record the life on the sites on a continuous basis and build up a baseline of information which may change over the years as the marine protected area status takes affect. If you fancy some Citizen Science whether it be counting starfish or taking photos along a transect, or measuring exposed timber on our older wrecks then let us know when you book and we will get it organised for you.




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Sound of Mull 2016 spaces on trips

We have spaces on the following trips:


August 27th- 31st 6 spaces 6 nights and 5 days diving ( good time to see the Basking Sharks)

August 26th-28th 2 days diving and 2 nights accommodation 3 spaces

We still have dates in April, June, July and August for trips and the weather for 2016 will be better than 2015 ……







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Paul Barfoot #yourdive

Ian and Sound Diver

Ian and Sound Diver

My first visit to Lochaline, and indeed to Scotland, was in August 2011. The drive to Lochaline puts you in holiday mood even before the diving commences! With my club (BSAC Slough 491) we dived a variety of wrecks including Shuna, Rondo, Thesis, Breda, Meldon, Hispania, and Swan. We also included a scallop dive and other scenic dives.

Phosphorescent sea pen -Pennatula phosphorea

Phosphorescent sea pen -Pennatula phosphorea

From the start it was apparent that Scottish diving was going to be rather special. I found a beautiful nudibranch (janolus), the first of many.
Other fauna is plentiful and varied. The wrecks are suitable for all grades of diver, ranging from about 15- 30m.

Crystal Sea Slug - Janolus cristata

Crystal Sea Slug – Janolus cristata

My second visit was in August 2013. On this occasion we had the use of the super fast Fyne Pioneer RIB which gave us access to more distant sites, whilst being able to return to base between dives.

Scampi/Norway lobster - Nephrops norvegicus

Scampi/Norway lobster – Nephrops norvegicus

The undisputed highlight of this trip was when basking sharks were sighted enroute to the Tapti wreck near the island of Coll. We slipped into the water with mask, snorkels and fins. Within a few minutes there were 14 huge sharks around us, jaws gaping!

Basking Shark - Cetorhinus maximus

Basking Shark – Cetorhinus maximus

All thoughts of wrecks disappeared, as we enjoyed a truly magical experience.

Yellow edged policer - Polycera faeroensis

Yellow edged policer – Polycera faeroensis

One very special dive happened as a result of personal misfortune. My drysuit zip failed after the morning dive, so I missed the afternoon dive. I had a spare drysuit with me, so our skipper Simon invited me to do an evening dive with him on the wall by the Lochaline Hotel. We entered at 10pm in almost complete darkness and descended to about 18m. The wall was alive with squat lobsters, nudibranchs and other hunting creatures. It was inky black, but a fabulous dive – thanks Simon!

Authour and photographer: Paul Barfoot

Date: 22/07/2015

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Dive, Dive, Dive …..Sound of Mull is now a Marine Protected Area!

We still have some spaces available for all you keen divers, photographers, shipwreck wreckies, marine life lovers and bubbleheads-

This weekend Rondo, Calve Island, Hispania, Shuna, Grey Rocks, Duart Dive into History

Saturday July 4th join us for a day

Monday 6th July – Friday 10th July  – 3 spaces

Friday 24th July- Sunday 26th July diving Saturday and Sunday – 6 spaces

Friday 31st July -Sunday 2nd August diving Saturday and Sunday 10 spaces

Monday 31st August 6 spaces

Friday 4th- Sunday 6th September diving Saturday and Sunday full charter

Friday 2nd October- Sunday 4th October diving Saturday and Sunday full charter

Friday 16th October-Monday 19th October diving Saturday Sunday Monday 5 spaces

Friday 31st October- Sunday 2nd November diving Saturday and Sunday 6 spaces ( water really warm by November 14 degrees)

Friday 7th November – Sunday 9th November full charter

Friday 14th November- Sunday 16th November full charter

Friday 21st November- Sunday 23rd November full charter

Friday 28th November -Sunday 30th November diving Saturday and Sunday 6 spaces




The Fife Renegades diving on the Rondo March 2014

The Fife Renegades diving on the Rondo March 2014


The Rondo in Profile


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Explore our MHPA in the Sound of Mull

The shipwreck site at  Duart Point designated as a Marine Historic Protected Area now has an underwater trail to help you explore the shipwreck from 1653.  Site plans are available from Lochaline Dive Centre and the Nautical Archaeology Society. Watch the movie and below and book for your Dive Into History

To book contact Annabel –



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Marine Biology at Lochaline Dive Centre

A new post at Lochaline Dive Centre is looking for a Marine Biologist.  Take a look at the ScotGrad




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Historic Wrecks

As you probably know The Sound of Mull is famous for it’s wrecks like the Hispania, Shuna and Thesis. My professional interest in the Sound of Mull started when I was studying to become an underwater archaeologist at the University of St Andrews and ended up working on the 17th Century shipwreck at Duart Point.   Just before Christmas some like minded underwater archaeologists from MSDS Marine came to the Sound of Mull to investigate some of our lesser known sites. Any budding archaeologists out there?  Try and identify the images below……



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Weekend dates available for booking this year!

So it’s getting to that time  where bookings are coming in for the year ahead and dates are starting to fill up.

For anyone who would love to plan a diving trip in the world-renowned Sound of Mull, we’ve listed below some weekend dates and spaces available for groups and some with spaces needing filled.

First, let’s get started on early season dates. These are dates where although the water will be a little cooler, visibility is second to none. We’ve had a few hardy divers over this winter come dive with us for this very reason. The water has a gin-lke clarity in the colder months, and once you’re out and have a cup of tea in your hand you’ll be glad you made the effort. Spring (particularly April) has the perfect combination of better weather and amazing visibility.

Feb 14th & 15th

Feb 28th & 1st March

March 7th & 8th

March 21st & 22nd

March 28th & 29th

April 11th & 12th

April 18th & 19th

April 25th & 26th

Next up are summer season dates. The weather has warmed up, everyone is dying to get some summer diving in, there’s loads of wildlife and the long days are perfect for getting some fantastic diving in. Divers regularly get up close with seals, dolphins and maybe even basking sharks. Whales and sea eagles are regularly seen from the boat.

May 30th & 31st

June 13th & 14th

June 20th & 21st

July 4th & 5th

July 11th & 12th – 10 spaces available

July 18th, 19th & 20th (has 6 spaces left on the 20th)

July 25th & 26th

August 1st, 2nd & 3rd

August 8th & 9th (7 spaces)

August 15th & 16th
Lastly, Autumn dates. Most don’t realise this is when the water’s at its’ warmest, having the whole summer to warm up and sitting at a balmy average 14C. Lots of wildlife, comfortable water temperatures and decent weather above the surface make for great days out.

September 5th & 6th

September 12th & 13th

September 19th & 20th

September 26th & 27th

October 3rd & 4th

October 10th & 11th

October 17th & 18th

October 24th & 25th

October 31st & November 1st

November 7th & 8th,

November 14th & 15th ,

November 21st & 22nd

November 28th & 29th

The majority of these dates are weekends, but can be extended if needed.

If you’re interested in any of these dates just get in touch with us at, and lets get some great diving in this year!



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