CARE currents possible at some or all states of the tide. WARNING this dive is tidally restricted! Maximum depth 20m. Wreck dive Shallower scenic dive

The Auriana was torpedoed by German submarine UB67 on 4 February 1918. It was taken in tow by a trawler, but broke tow in force 9 gales and was driven onto rocks at Port-na-Parstan. The wreck is well broken up, but the boilers and debris field are recognisable.

Moir and Crawford 1997, 155-6

Location of this dive site

Location (Lat/Long): 56.6025, -6.325278 (Google map window)

Planning your dive: Site is exposed, and subject tot currents at some states of the tide.

Depth range: 15m to 20m

Distance: The site is 44km from Lochaline Dive Centre.

WARNING: Some Latitude and Longitude data taken from the literature is quite inaccurate, we are tidying this up here, but you are advised to take transits for wreck sites/check buoys if you are diving from your own boat. Transits and further details for most wreck sites are available in the Dive Centre.

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