Fuinary Rocks

CARE currents possible at some or all states of the tide. Maximum depth between 20 and 30m. Good wildlife dive Shallower scenic dive

An interesting scenic dive inside of the navigation marker amidst a series of reefs and gullies close to the shore. Plenty of life among the rocks and sandy bars, including sea lemon and snakelocks anemone. Sea pens can be found beyond 20m depth. This shore dive is easily accessible from the car park immediately prior to the Wishing Stone on the Drimnin Road. Entry to the water is easiest at high tide.


Location of this dive site

Location (Lat/Long): 56.5498, -5.89535 (Google map window)

Depth range: 5m to 30m

Distance: The site is 8km from Lochaline Dive Centre.

WARNING: Some Latitude and Longitude data taken from the literature is quite inaccurate, we are tidying this up here, but you are advised to take transits for wreck sites/check buoys if you are diving from your own boat. Transits and further details for most wreck sites are available in the Dive Centre.

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  1. Peter Bardsley says:

    This is a dive with a difference. The rocks extend a limited short distance from the shore and then on to sand. Never found th ereefs offshore.The rocks are covered in sugar kelp and usual animal life. You need to swim some distance out to find depth on the silty sand seabed, but it is worth it to see the unusual sealife. There are two types of sea pens, hydroids and large nudibranch. But the most intersting of animals are the Gonoplex runner or angular crabs that live in colonies of burrows with the Nethrops prawns

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