ADUS surveys the Hispania, Sound of Mull

In addition to running the Dive Centre with his partner Annabel, Mark is also a co-director of research group called ADUS, jointly based at the Universities of Dundee and St Andrews, and specialising in high resolution sonar surveys of shipwrecks. ADUS has just become a ‘spin-out’ company with both Universities retaining a stake in ADUS Ltd. In July last year ADUS surveyed a sunken Russian nuclear submarine for the Salvage and Marine Operations team of the Ministry of Defence, with whom the ADUS surveyed the Royal Oak in 2006. The submarine, K159, lies at a depth of 250m in the Barents Sea. ADUS’ most recent work has included the survey of a large cargo vessel lying at the bottom of the Malacca Straits, south of Melaka, Malaysia, which is presently a hazard to shipping. The vessel, MV California, is about to be salvaged by Mammoet, a large Dutch salvage company, with whom ADUS hopes to undertake more ‘pre-salvage’ wreck surveys in the future. In February ADUS, in association with Salvage & Marine Operations, surveyed the protected wreck of the Campania in the Firth of Forth. Campania is an example of the very small number of vessels converted to interim aircraft carriers to support seaborne flying operations before the construction of the first purpose designed aircraft carrier. On 5th November 1918 she sank after collisions with the anchored Glorious and Royal Oak when her moorings broke in a gale during fleet exercises in the Forth.

More details of the work undertaken by ADUS and more images can be seen at and where you can download 3D viewing software and a dataset of the Brummer, one of the German wrecks at Scapa Flow. At some point very soon many more images and datasets will be available to download, including that of the Hispania (below). The Hispania, one of the most popular wreck dives in Scotland, was surveyed in March last year. ADUS image specialist Chris Rowland is currently working on the final visualisations at Dundee University’s Centre for Digital Imaging.

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