Introducing WreckSight!

Scapa Flow wrecksite screenshot

Available 28 November 2008. Pre-order now at the special introductory price of only £59.00

WreckSight is the groundbreaking new wreck visualisation application from Advanced Underwater Surveys (ADUS). With WreckSight, for the first time, divers are able to view images of shipwrecks interactively and in an unprecedented level of detail. 

WreckSight Scapa Flow Edition

Scapa Flow wrecksite screenshot

WreckSight Scapa Flow brings high resolution multibeam sonar images of Scapa wrecks to Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard. Enjoy the startling clarity and unprecedented detail which this unique image processing and visualisation software offers.


  • Eight high resolution data sets including the following vessels: Cöln, Bayern, Karlesruhe, Markgraf, Dresden, Konig, Kronprinz Wilhelm and Brummer
  • Fully interactive point cloud imaging of survey data collected by ADUS
  • High performance OpenGL rendering
  • Six preset animation sequences per wreck
  • Unique Dive Routes view providing dive planning and analysis tools:
  • Eight fully customisable dive routes per wreck
  • Multiple shotline placement
  • Precision measurement between any two points on a wreck
  • Accurate depth and swim distance readings
  • 2D dive route plotting with full 3D visualisation

WreckSight Scapa Flow will be available as an electronic download from the ADUS store ( from Friday 28 November 2008, priced £99.00.

However a special introductory price of £59.00 will be available to those who pre-order within the next two weeks.

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