Endurance Dive World Record Attempt in Lochaline…

On 1st June 2013 Lochaline will be hosting the Guinness World Record attempt for the longest open sea scuba dive in cold water which is currently sitting at 13 hours 4 min. Lochaline Dive Centre will be providing support in the form of Sound Diver as the dive platform & the dive will take place at Lochaline Harbour.  The attempt ‘team’ is to be a cross section of all divers from various organisations including HSE, PADI, BSAC & HM Forces. The attempt has to be in open Sea with a min depth of 10m and a sea temperature of not more than 14 deg C. The diver ‘Robbie’ will remain on a sub surface stage moored to the seabed, with a bank of compressed air cylinders. There will be no umbilical connection to the surface and the set up is described as SCUBA.
Good luck Robbie!
For more information see  http://endurance-dive-jlr8.webnode.com


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