SMART Project submits bid for HMS Campeltown…

SMART has this morning submitted an innovative bid for the reefing of the former HMS Campbeltown which is currently lying in Portsmouth.

The bid encompasses the entire project from ship purchase to final location on the seabed in the Sound of Mull, West Coast of Scotland, to form Scotland’s first artificial reef and includes post sinking research and outreach proposals for its long-term management.

The SMART bid demonstrates how it will:

  • Offer the tax payer value for money;
  • Create added value to the tax payer;
  • Generate a sustainable long lasting business model;
  • Provide an environmentally sustainable resource for decades to come.

The bid also articulates the tangible outputs from the placing of the reef here in the Sound of Mull, which include:

  • £500-750,000 Net Economic Impact per annum;
  • 10-16 new jobs;
  • Gross Value Added to the local economy by the reef is £202,000 to £323,000 per annum;
  • Or £1.01M-£1.615M over 5 years;
  • Or £2.02M-£3.23M over 10 years.
  • Secure jobs and careers for local young people;
  • Secure local businesses through more money recycled locally;
  • Stronger local tourism infrastructure;
  • Stronger destination brand;
  • More sustainable local community, less emigration.

SO!  please lend us your support if you haven’t already and register at and keep everything crossed for us! As soon as we hear anything further from the Disposals about the outcome of the bid we will post it here.

Annabel & Mark

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