ADUS presenting at the UNESCO Remote Access to World Heritage Sites Conference in Edinburgh…

Mark Lawrence and Chris Rowland of ADUS will be presenting a paper entitled ‘Visualising Our Underwater Heritage’ at the Remote Access to World Heritage Sites Conference, which is being held at the Edinburgh Informatics Forum on the 23rd & 24th November. Full details of the Conference and the programme of speakers can be seen here and here.

This two-day international conference will focus on the potential for new technologies to create high-quality, remote-access visitor experiences for World Heritage Sites and other sites of cultural, historical and natural significance where remote access is necessary. The aims of this Conference are to showcase some of the new technologies available (3D/4D scanning, mobile technologies, GPS/GIS, satellite technologies, apps and social media) & discuss their applications; to debate policy issues linked to the benefits and challenges these new technologies present for sites preservation, conservation, and interpretation worldwide; and to encourage site managers worldwide to consider the benefits & impact the new technologies could have for their own sites as well as allow them to investigate those further.

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